Teijin Frontier exhibit Functional Fabric Fair 2024 Spring Portland

Portland, Oregon – Teijin Frontier will participate at Functional Fabric Fair 2024 (Oregon Convention Center) from Apr 17-18th. We will showcase the best-performing fabrics for Spring and Summer seasons at stand #413.

Functional Fabric Fair, An exclusive sourcing destination tailored to those at the forefront of the outdoor, lifestyle and activewear industry for textiles, footwear and accessories. Explore cutting-edge trims that redefine the future of performance fabrics. This event showcases the latest products and technologies that will be available to hit the market, giving you a sneak peek into the trends shaping the 2025/2026 Spring season. Crafted by the industry for the industry. This is a trade-exclusive event that is open to verified designers, product, purchasing, material or sustainability managers and others. Don’t miss this chance to reconnect with the apparel community.



Our innovative woven fabric boasts great 4 way mechanical stretch, ensuring a comfortable fit for any use. Additionally, monoflex™ has great recyclability due to its PET single component composition, making it easy to recycle and contribute to a more sustainable future. Today, we need a material that combines comfort, durability for long-term use, and recyclability after use. Our brand name, monoflex™, is a combination of “Mono Material” and “Flexibility,” representing our commitment to creating high-quality fabrics that prioritize both comfort and sustainability.


DELTAPEAK® is our signature fabric that is well-balanced with three elements; physical property, functionality, and texture. It can achieve a dense and flat surface with a high bulkiness of knitting fabric. This material has the ability to remove the limitation of distortions and it can be used in many different ways.


Octa® is an exceptionally unique fiber with a distinctive, highly modified cross-section with eight projections aligned in a radial pattern around a hollow fiber. Octa® is its unique construction makes the fabrics super light, highly breathable, and extremely warm. The outerwear with Octa® keeps you cozy in the coldest conditions or even just at home.