Teijin Frontier to Exhibit High-performance Fabrics at Functional Fabric Fair 2022 Spring

Portland, Oregon – Teijin Frontier will participate at Functional Fabric Fair 2022  (Oregon Convention Center) from April 4th to 5th. We will showcase the best-performing fabrics for Spring and Summer season at stand #601.

The event is dedicated to outdoor and active apparel, in particular the Spring Portland edition will feature innovative textiles for the Spring/Summer 2024 season. Our high-performance fabrics are designed to enhance comfortability while maintaining high level of functionality. As the leading global supplier of functional fabrics, we are strongly committed to move toward sustainability in material usage and manufacturing process with no sacrifice of offering functional benefits. Below are a few of the spectacular products we will be showcasing:



Enhanced moisture management fabric is now available for Spring and Summer. it’s constructed by 2 different layers. One side is built with hydrophobic technology, the other side is hydrophilic. Skin side absorbs water so quickly and let them escape to outside. Fabric is like floating on the skin even under saturated condition, which helps sweat never come back to skin.



DELTAPEAK® ntr has a random micro crimp structure. We succeeded to achieve this brand-new structure by applying our special false-twisting process and unique yarn-mixing technology. While DELTAPEAK® ntr has original great characteristics of DELTAPEAK®, we bring natural aesthetics & hand-feel, and deep dyeability into it.  Luxurious fabrics, DELTAPEAK® ntr is incredibly soft with elegant look, so can be the best for T-shirts, also great material for middle layer with its heavier construction.



DELTAPEAK® SLX offers natural-like appearance and the luxurious texture by softness and gentle hand-feel. the combination of high balanced DELTAPEAK® and high stretchy SOLOTEX® yarn creates comfortable form fitting (soft compression) to look garments gorgeous.