TEIJIN FRONTIER USA to exhibit at OR SHOW 2021 Summer

Denver, Colorado – Teijin Frontier USA will participate at the Outdoor Retailer Show 2021 Summer (Colorado Convention Center), from August 10th to the 12th. We will showcase various fabrics and materials at #50034-UL on the upper level 

This is North America’s largest outdoor-geared convention where industry brands, retailers, reps, designers, suppliers and leaders gather. It showcases the largest collection of innovative and unique gear, apparel, hard goods, footwear and accessories.

Our proven materials are used in a wide range of outdoor products, such as base layers, performance gloves, slip resistance socks, canopy for kiteboarding, and other functional gear. Below are a few of the spectacular products we will be showcasing:



High strength polyester fiber with a diameter 7,500X smaller than the cross section of human hair. Nano texturing on the surface of the fabric produce a natural surface area 12X greater than that of fabrics produced from typical synthetic fiber. The result is a highly superior slip resistance and gripping performance unlike any other technology available.



A high tenacity polyester fiber which boasts 1.5X greater tensile strength than conventional polyester. With this fabric, one can achieve peak performance in extreme conditions with greater comfort.



This balanced, ultra-high functional material achieves a sophisticated fusion of comfort and performance. It is lightweight and stretchy, perfect for a wide range of outdoor activities.


Visit our booth #50034-UL on the upper level and explore how we can add value to your outdoor products.