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Teijin Frontier Group Philosophy

We always create new values that contribute to a healthy environment and a prosperous future.

A message from President

The technology has dramatically improved our lives. At the same time, the environmental problems have a significant impact on human beings. To move towards a sustainable society, every single person and company is required to take the first step, no matter how small.

Teijin Frontier USA, as a sales front line of Teijin Frontier Group, will make an effort to reduce the amount of waste by supplying our durable and functional fibers and textile materials to people.

“Life evolves with fibers”
President Hirosuke Mizusawa

Hirosuke Mizusawa

Who we are

TEIJIN FRONTIER is the global converting company that specializes in synthetic fibers and textiles with the integrated manufacturing system developing raw materials through to finished products.

TEIJIN FRONTIER offers value-added products to apparel, automotive, infrastructure and many other industries.

TEIJIN FRONTIER also promotes corporate activities that fulfill a wide range of social responsibilities, including environmental conservation, personal safety, product quality, the working environment and human rights.

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