High Performance Fiber & Textiles

High performance fibers and customized fabrics for advanced and technical applications

Materials and Converting

Speciality Materials

High-performance fibers are engineered for specific uses that require exceptional strength, stiffness, heat resistance, or chemical resistance. We choose and offer a wide variety of high performance fibers in order to fit your requirements.

Converting Capabilities

  • Twisting
  • Weaving
  • Knitting
  • 3D composite
  • Lamination
  • After treatment
Development made possible at all stages, from materials to products
In addition to fiber spinning capability, TEIJIN FRONTIER boasts of having internal converting capabilities such as twisting, weaving, knitting and after treatment There are R&D centers in Japan, China and Thailand. Combining all fibers and textiles knowledge in one-place makes us the unique company in the global market.

Nonwoven and Ultra fine fibers

Unique construction nonwoven “UNISEL®”

Produced by the world’s only one unique method, called “Stretching & Expansion”.

Unisel is the world’s only one long filament nonwoven fabric produced by unique manufacturing methods developed by Teijin Group. Separated nonwoven fabrics manufactured by the “burst fiber method” and the “tow opening method” are stacked in layers and they are heat-pressed by the “lamination and stretch-expanding method” to make a single sheet. Unisel has been highly regarded in markets for many years in that some excellent features which the other nonwoven fabrics cannot offer.

  • Excellent heat sealing properties
  • Vivid printability
  • Good moldability
  • High oil absorption

3D fiber structure composite “Elasty®”

Amebic structure contributes strong & flexible bonding

Elasty® is the cushioning material which has a big role in our various fields of life.
The key point is our Elasty® high performance Polyester fiber for cushion. Excellent stability at an intersection of the fiber structure makes the basic performances improve, such as the air permeability, the elasticity and the durability. And even if it burns, there is little toxic gas, therefore our Elasty® makes a substantial contribution to the global environment, industry and life.

Elasty® Cushon

Conventional PU

Elasty®, high breathability and water pass through. PU is not.

  • Brassiere pad
  • Mattresses
  • Cushon material for protection gears
  • 3D molded seats for automotives, aircrafts, trains
  • Combination with verticall lapping nonwoven technology

Wet-laid nonwoven fabric separator with “Tepyrus®”

PET100% Wet-laid with Nano-fibers (φ200nm)

PET100% wet-laid with Micro-fine fibers (φ3μm)

Wet-laid nonwoven fabric separator composed of ultra fine polyester fiber provides structure of thin thickness, uniform micropores and Li-dendrite resistance

  • Ultra-fine fiber nonwoven fabric structure
  • Heat-resistance
  • Liquid absorption
  • Customizable to fit requirements

Industrial and Infrastructure

Concrete Cracking & Peel-and-Drop Prevention “SAMM Sheet”

A reinforcement material composed of continuous non-woven meshed sheet using Para-Aramid “Technora®”. An equilateral triangle shaped mesh is made by gluing yarns crossed at an angle of 60 degrees by an adhesive agent. After meshed sheet is produced, silica sand is glued on the yarns.

High tenacity filaments for Rope, Cables and Aerospace

High performance fibers play a siginificant role to sustain heavy duty indusry with the benefit of increasing maximum loads and contributing weitht reduction. Ropes and cables must be built with materials that are strong and reliable. We are also offering heat resistance fibers for great resistance to extreme temperatures.

  • Rope and cables
  • Aerospace
  • Safety protections

Filtration solutions with unique Nanofiber “Nanofront”

“NANOFRONT®” is Unique Nano fiber material for high spec Air filtration & liquid filtration.
Teijin Frontier invented stable quality of world’s first 700 nanometer ultra-fine polyester nanofiber by using its unique ‘New Sea/Island Separatable Fiber Technology’. It was commercialized in 2008.
The surface area of -Nanofront woven in filaments structure could be tens of times greater than conventional fibers. Thus, Microporous “NANOFRONT®” nonwoven sheets works capturing very small fine particle while retaining high air flow.

Tactical and Outdoor

Super light weight high tenacity Polyester “PASMO®”(also known as “Technoforce”)

Outstandingly strengthened polyester fiber “PASMO®” provides high stability and comfort for every kind of sports activity.
Excellent performance in

  • Burst strength
  • Tearing strength
  • Abrasion strength
  • Light weight
  • Bright and vivid color available
  • UV resistance

Tetra Axial woven fabric “Tetras®”

Tetras®, new leading technology of tetra axis construction improves the tear strength and dimensional stability of fabric in all directions
Tetras® is able to keep it’s pattern under extraordinarily high destructive strain condition and break in multi phase whereas bi-axial woven fabric is broken easily.
Tear resistance of Tetras® is over twice as strong as bi-axial woven fabric

  • Tennis Racquets / Golf shafts / other sports or recreation as composite material
  • Shoes upper materials
  • Outer fabrics for backpacks

Eco friendly Synthetic leather “Cordley®”

Cordley® is the generic brand name of artificial leathers, synthetic leathers and films.
Cordley® are manufactured by impregnating a non-woven fabric substrate and coating with a resin such as polyurethane.
Combined with surface polyurethane processing technologies, they reproduce the touch, texture and quality of natural leather to a high degree. Cordley® is now used for a wide range of products including football shoes, basketballs, footballs, sofa and car interiors.

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