Environmental Policy

TEIJIN FRONTIER(U.S.A) supports the society of the future and enhances environment-friendly manufacturing systems under our environmental strategy “THINKECO®”

Committed to the use of environment-friendly materials.
Products made with environment-friendly raw materials
* Products that can be manufactured with environment-friendly materials:100%(by FY2030)
Committed to maintaining the purity of our oceans and atmosphere
Products that protect the environment
* Percentage of our products that contribute to a cleaner environment when in use: More than 10% (by FY2030)
Committed to an energy-efficient lifestyle
Products amenable to resource-efficient manufacturing
* Percentage of our products that are energy-efficient when in use: More than 10% (by FY2030)

Approval & Certificate

Teijin Frontier is committed to applying the bluesign® system.
We are a bluesign® system partner.

Bluesign Logo

  • Responsibly acting party of the textile supply chain
  • Continuously improving
  • Focused on a sustainable future

bluesign® system partners are responsibly acting parties of the textile value chain commited to applying the bluesign® system. we aim to continuously improve our environmental performance and are focused on a sustainable future.

bluesign® system partners are committed to applying the bluesign® system which unites the entire textile supply chain to jointly reduce its impact on people and the environment. The input stream management ensures that bluesign® approved chemical products and raw materials are used in all steps of the manufacturing process. Substances posing risks to people and the environment are hence eliminated from the very beginning. On-site inspections verify the proper application of such chemical products and raw materials in controlled process and ensure the responsible use of resources.

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25,000,000,000 Plastic Bottles

Over the last 20 years, we’ve recycled over 500,000 tons. That’s 25,000,000,000 plastic bottles or 2,000,000,000 T-shirts saved from the landfill.


ECOPET® is polyester products (fibers, textiles, garments, and goods) made from recycled sources: various types of polyester waste, through the mechanical or chemical recycle process. It enables the effective use of the limited natural resources.