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Garments advanced with high quality fabrics

Small Batch Production for All Passionate Start Up

We help designers, emerging fashion brands, and entrepreneurs in turning their business seeds into reality. Our One-Stop offering includes completely customizable garment solutions, designed to align seamlessly with their unique styles, and we provide access to our latest and most advanced fabric choices available.


Design & Pattern

Our creative team, equipped with both designers and patternmakers in-house, swiftly responds to apparel pattern needs. This integrated approach ensures quick turnaround times from designer sketches to finalized patterns.



We assure quality and on-time delivery for the first sample through our extensive sewing network. We prototype everything from casual shirts to technical outerwear.


Bulk Production

Our versatile capabilities meet diverse client needs, from small to large-scale manufacturing. The value of your garment is solidified through the use of our brand fabrics.

Our Competitiveness

Our Competitiveness

Our Competitiveness

Our Competitiveness

“Our experts help transforming your design into a product using our best fabrics”


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Functional Fabrics


Our Difference

Make differences by Fabrics

Fabric is generally the largest portion of the cost for a garment. Fabric accounts for 60 to 70% of the total cost of basic-styled garments. and the choice of fabric significantly impacts the visual aspects of a garment design and its functionality. Factors such as color, texture, fabric weight, finish, mechanical property play a crucial role in determining the overall garment quality.

Moisture Management Fabric, Sweat Never Comes Back to Skin

Fabric Brands

Fabric for Athletic wear

Start production

our professionals

Small-batch production empowers emerging designers and start up apparel companies, offering incredibly low minimums (as few as fifty per size, style, and color). Our versatile capabilities meet diverse client needs, from small to large-scale manufacturing.

Step to Start

Launching your project only involves a few steps at WELAUNCH

  • Submit
    Profile & Design
  • Quote & Consultation
  • Payment
  • Prototype
  • Quote & Consultation
  • Bulk production

The process begins with you submitting a basic profile and uploading design files, sketches, or reference sample data. Our creative team will review the information and provide you with a quote along with comments. Once you are satisfied with the offering conditions, you can proceed to make the payment online to initiate the project. Upon payment confirmation, we can commence our creative work or production in a mill. Any estimated sample lead time or technical questions you may have will be addressed by our assigned sales representative after the payment.

Basic Price to Start

Let’s unlock the door to realize

your big dreams

Tailoring services to the proficiency of each client, we offer a diverse range of options. Whether you’re in search of a reliable sewing factory, looking to outsource creative tasks such as 3D design and pattern making, or aiming to fully outsource garment production from scratch through a full-package service, we respond to the unique requests of all our clients

Let’s Start Prototyping

Let’s Start Prototyping

Let’s Start Prototyping

Let’s Start Prototyping

For Beginner

Full package to offer all key components to start production

This plan starts with creating graphic design

For Designer

Bring your graphic/3D design and we do pattern making and 1st prototyping

For Professional

Professionals who own a paper pattern and a teckpack, can start 1st prototype quickly

*The displayed price is merely a standard reference, and the formal pricing will be provided individually through a detailed quotation after reviewing your contact information.

Factory Overview


Bulk Production in Thanh Hoa

Monthly productivity: 50,000 pcs (jacket)

Sewing lines: 14 lines x 50 workers

Kew Products: Jackets, pants, skirts, dress

Bulk Production in Can Tho

Monthly productivity: 150,000 pcs (jacket)

Sewing lines: 24 lines x 40 workers

Kew Products: Down jackets, padding jackets, coats, pants, shorts


Flexible Production in Japan

“Made in Japan” represents firm commitment to exceptional quality

“The integration of fabric and garment both made in Japan positively reduces carbon footprint through efficient logistics

Showroom and In-person Events

New York Showroom

Broadway 1412 Studio

VIP Showroom

Fabrics in stock

Our private style New York showroom is located on Broadway 1412 in the heart of the garment district. Teijin Frontier’s complete range of functional fabric hangers and garment samples is available for viewing at any time.

Premier Vision New York / Paris

New Garment Styles

Functional Fabrics

We join in fashion exhibitions and events actively to showcase our state-of-art fabrics and create an in-person opportunity to build new connections with start-up apparel companies and designers.

Case Study

Technical Outer wear

Factory: Vietnam

Composition: 3 layer Polyester fabric

Fabric: Deltapeak® Laminate 2layer / E181JTF

Performance: Water pressure rating 20,000mm

MOQ: 100 pcs

Lead Time: 90 days


Performance Pants/Shorts

Factory: Vietnam

Composition: 4 way stretch warp knit

Fabric: SOLOTEX® HS2352

Performance: Mechanical 4 way stretch

MOQ: 100 pcs

Lead Time: 90 days


Factory: Vietnam

Composition: Polyester Satin


Feature: Glossy, Silky, Aesthetic

MOQ: 100 pcs

Lead Time: 90 days