Automotive Products

Customized fabrics for advanced applications in automotive industry

We specializes in the distribution and products of quality fabric and fiber, and are serving thousands of clients across many different markets.

Car Interior


Our draw textured yarn (DTY) and fully drawn yarns(FDY) are produced using a highly automated technologically advanced system and can be used for many applications.
Denier, luster, filament count, cross-section and ply can be accommodated for your specialty needs.


We offer flat woven, circular knit, tricot or space fabrics with high performance and reliable quality to fulfil customer’s requirement.

Sewing Thread

The soft (twisted) type thread is ideal for wide range of industrial applications such as seating, motorcycle, RV and boat.

Seating Upholstery Materials

We have been offering laminations as well as undersewing materials for leather seats. The variety of our products makes the right material possible in every place, precisely tailored to meet the different requirements for standard, sport or climate seats. our materials ensure

  • smooth appearance and minimization of creases
  • optimum sewability
  • permanently improved seat quality
  • reduced scrap costs

Acoustic Materials

Our acoustic products have a recyclate content of up to 80%. They also have a high purity. Several product functions can be combined in one component – with weight-saving use of material. The use of polylactide fibers is also feasible.
Our acoustic materials are used in the following areas:

  • Door-panel
  • Dashboard/center console
  • Roof liner
  • Wheel arch
  • Boot

Reinforcement for Rubber

Tire Cord Fabric(TCF)

Tire cords are used as reinforcing materials for tires, designed to keep tires in shape and to enhance durability. We are proud of producing high quality Rayon, Aramid and Hybrid tire cords for high-performance tires that will help meet the expanding demand for premium driving in growing market.
We also produce Polyester and Nylon tire cords for general tires

Integrated Global Supply Chain with “THINKECO” initiatives

In order to achieve world-class quality, we continuously improve our quality management practices by ingenuous actions, we then enhance customers satisfaction by responding promptly to their demands.
Also, Teijin Frontier has been promoting “Eco-minded Adhesive” for Rubber Reinforcing Fiber that does not use resorcinol-formaldehyde (RF) but still achieves the same level of performance as conventional methods.

Mechanical Rubber Goods

Belt reinforcement

The reinforcing multi-ply polyester, nylon, cotton as well as aramid belting fabrics are used to help creasing or folding.

V Ribbed Belt, Wrapped Belt, Timing Belt, Cogged Belt

Hose reinforcement

The application requires specialized textile and expertise in fabric-to-rubber adhesion systems that enable to address high performance and requirements.

Brake Hose, Air-Conditioning Hose, Fuel Hose, Radiator Hose, Plastic Hose


Reinforcing the diaphragm with a fabric adds strength and sensitivity with lowest thickness.

Airplane and Train cabin Interior

Aramid Knit and Woven fabric

Hight strength with good resistance to abrasion and no melting point and low flammability can be produced with different constructions such as flatwoven and circular knit.

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