Cordley® is the generic brand name of artificial leathers, synthetic leathers and films. Cordley® are manufactured by impregnating a non-woven fabric substrate and coating with a resin such as polyurethane. Combined with surface polyurethane processing technologies, they reproduce the touch, texture and quality of natural leather to a high degree. Cordley® is now used for a wide range of products including football shoes, basketballs, footballs, sofa and car interiors.

High functional artificial leather “Cordley®

Use & Function

Home Furniture & Car Interior with FR

Flame retardant artificial leathers with special resin layer technology. Used for mobility and home interior

Make Your Shoes Breathable

Micro holes formed on the surface make the material breathable, thanks to our patented technologies.
Because the material does not cause a “sweaty” feeling, it is used for men’s shoes and rain shoes.

Scratch-Proof Vegan Leathers (TAFGARD)

TAFGARD has a higher resistance to scratches than regular-grade artificial leather.
Special resin technology give the material high strength and durability.

Environmentally Friendly Artificial Leather / FREED™

FREED™ is an artificial leather/no-sew film material series using water-based polyurethane. Using no hazardous organic solvent, designed with consideration for the environment and people.

Product Lineups

Surface printing


Multicolor options


High Visiblity

Geometric pattern

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