Deltapeak®CR achieved a breakthrough in sweat absorption and quick-drying properties in athletic apparel

Deltapeak® CR has significantly advanced sweat absorption and quick-drying capabilities in outdoor sports apparel. The innovation revolves around a fabric structure using 100% polyester with water-repellent yarn on the skin side. This breakthrough began with the invention of “polyester water-repellent yarn,” aiming to eliminate perspiration discomfort and enhance dryness during physical activities.

The fabric’s design incorporates water-repellent polyester on convex areas in contact with the skin, complemented by water-absorbent polyester in concave areas. This dual-layer approach facilitates rapid moisture absorption and dispersion, preventing moisture from returning to the skin through capillary action.

CR Technology = Water Repellent Polyester Creates dry space and keeps dry on the skin

Key milestones include the successful development of the industry’s first water-repellent polyester yarn, which expanded color options and improved fabric texture. Since its launch around 2015, Deltapeak®CR has garnered attention from outdoor and sports brands, with applications extending beyond sports to include business shirts and other industries.

Future goals include further advancements in sweat management technology and a commitment to environmentally friendly practices. The product aims to benefit a wide range of users beyond athletes, including children and seniors, emphasizing its versatility and functional superiority.

DELTAPEAK® CR inspires office workers, designers, athletes and anyone who works actively


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