Going virtual for “LIFE EVOLVES WITH FIBERS”

Join us at “VIRTUAL EXHIBITION Vol.3” from June 29 through September 30.

TEIJIN FRONTIER(U.S.A.) is delighted to invite all US customers to visit the easy-to-navigate website to explore new normal life wears made with comfortable, functional and sustainable materials. The show floor is divided into six booths that feature sustainable materials and new technologies based on our corporate message “ Life evolves with fibers”


  • New business style

    “Multi-setup” for business people who pursues comfort in diversifying work styles.

  • 2 mile wear

    We propose relaxing setups and dresses using functional materials with a natural-like texture and vintage finish.

  • Loungewear

    Using Comfortable, Easy-care Fabric, which is comfortable to wear and has excellent functionality, we propose daily wear to make your daily life more comfortable.

  • ECOPET® wear

    Top quality of recycled polyester ECOPET® is evolving further, celebrating its26th year since its birth. This time, we will introduce a new sustainable material that is a mixture of organic cotton.