Athletic Apparel

The world’s leading functional fabric supplier

Teijin Frontier has been a pioneer in the field of high-performance athletic apparel, where functionality and comfort are highly sought after. With our proprietary fiber development and processing technologies, we have achieved the highest quality in functionality, performance, and environmental sustainability using recycled polyester fibers.

Running & Cycling

Our Fabrics offer

  • Breathability
    High breathability allows effective moisture wicking to keep the body cool and dry
  • Moisture wicking
    Quickly absorb and release sweat to prevent a clammy feeling


Deltapeak® CR – High Technology
It’s constructed by 2 different layers. One side is built with hydrophobic technology, the other side is hydrophilic. Skin side absorbs water so quickly and let them escape to outside. Fabric is like floating on the skin even under saturated condition.
Skin side is always amazingly kept dry and give you extra comfort throughout the hard exercise.
Conventional Fabric
Reaching saturation, water comes back to skin and wet out
Deltapeak® CR
CR Technology = Water Repellent Polyester Creates dry space and keeps dry on the skin

“The Apex of the Dryness” Zero Gravity Insulation Image

Finecell™ – High-Performance Knit Lamination Material
By establishing technologies that utilize fine yarn for high-gauge single-knit, along with dyeing, and laminating thin film as its base fabric, Finecell ™ combines functionality, wearing comfort, and a captivating appearance. It boasts a lightweight and thin structure, offering excellent stretch, high resilience, and breathability.

Yoga & Workout

Our Fabrics offer

  • Flexibility and Stretchability
    keep up with the various movements involved in yoga, including bending, stretching, binding, lunging, reaching, and rolling
  • Durability
    Withstand the rigors of high-intensity exercises and movements, ensuring long-lasting performance


Dualfine™ – The innovative textile prevents perspiration marks
The fabric structure featuring a water-repellent layer constructed by polyester hydrophobic yarn reduces the visibility of sweat stains and provides a breathable solution to perspiration. Moreover, it maintains its high functionality even after repeated washing

Polyester Water Repellent yarn
Special woven/knit fabric construction


  • general versatility
  • durability
  • handfeel
  • high air-perm, breathability
Deltapeak® ntr – Exquisite Softness Exceeds Natural Fibers
Deltapeak® ntr has a random & micro crimp structure. We succeeded to achieve this brand-new structure by applying our special false-twisting process and unique yarn-mixing technology. Using recycled polyester. While Deltapeak® ntr has original great characteristics of Deltapeak®, we bring natural aesthetics & hand-feel, and deep dyeability into it.

Outdoor & Mountaineering

Our Fabrics offer

  • Weather Protection
    Teijin Frontier’s materials provide excellent protection against wind, rain, and snow, keeping adventurers dry and shielded from harsh weather conditions.
  • Lightweight
    The lightweight insulation materials help reduce the overall weight of the garment, allowing for easier movement and less fatigue during physical activities.


ECO STORM™ – MONO-material weather resistant fabric
The highly functional material ECO STORM™ is a recyclable, waterproof/breathable material made from recycled fibers. While using recycled fibers, the material meets a high standard of waterproofing and breathability. ECO STORM™ represents an uncompromising combination of comfort and environmental performance.

Hydrostatic resistance 20,000mmH2O or greater (JIS L1092 B)
Moisture permeability 15,000g/m2・24hrs (JIS L1099 B-1)

Octa® – Weightless Warmth Made Possible
The octopus-like appearance, Octa® fiber is targeted to fall and winter middle layer, lining materials for outerwear in fashion and outdoor industries. The spaces between the projections preserve body heat to give extra warmth. Octa® unique fiber construction contributes to quick drying and airy texture as fabrics with 50% lighter weight than regular polyester material.

Octa® in the market position

“Zero Gravity Insulation” Zero Gravity Insulation Image

Tennis, Golf, Fishing

Our Fabrics offer

  • UV Protection
    Incorporating UV protection technology helps shield players from harmful sun rays during prolonged outdoor exposure.
  • Softness and Smoothness
    The fabrics are designed with a focus on softness and smooth texture against the skin, reducing friction and irritation during athletic movements.
    The fabrics also dry quickly, reducing the discomfort of sweat-soaked clothing and ensuring athletes stay focused.


Deltapeak® SLX – Engineered Fabric with a Luxurious Hand Feel
Deltapeak® SLX offers a natural-like appearance and texture achieved through random yarn construction, giving it a luxurious feel and softness. It provides a comfortable form-fitting experience with gentle compression, combining Deltapeak®’s smooth stretch and SOLOTEX®’s recovery characteristics.


Our Fabrics offer

  • Comfortability
    Providing a high level of comfort, ensuring a pleasant and cozy experience for everyday wear.
  • Style
    Aesthetically pleasing fabric designs that align with current trends.


Deltapeak® WV – Performance and Comfort: The Next-Generation Woven Fabric
Deltapeak® WV is a novel polyester woven fabric that elevates the experience of wearing. It is a high-functionality weave achieved through the fusion of weaving and knitting technologies. As such, it is well-suited for vintage-look shirt or lightweight outerwears.
  • stretch

    Power stretch

  • soft

    Light Weight and Bulkiness

  • wrinkle prevention

    Power stretch

  • noiseless

    Light Weight and Bulkiness

Deltapeak® Freemo – Designed to Offer Optimal Balance “Lightweight and Comfort
Deltapeak® freemo features a substantial and resilient stretch fabric with a distinctive four-dimensional construction, resulting in a comfortably structured and minimally draping fabric. This makes it an ideal choice for autumn and winter hoodies.
DELTAPEAK® freemo has perfect smooth and flat surface. Absolute special hard-feeling and quality can be made