Elevating Outdoor Products through Advanced Fiber Technology

Teijin Frontier has a comprehensive production capability to meet the demands of high strength, ultra-lightweight, and flame resistance in outdoor products. With integrated capabilities from yarn production to weaving and dyeing, we are confident in our ability to develop high-quality textiles.

Backpack Materials

Our Fabrics offer

  • High strength to withstand frequent use and heavy loads
  • Resistant to abrasion and friction to maintain integrity and longevity
  • Water-resistant property, protecting from rain and moisture
  • Light-weight to minimize the overall weight of the backpack
  • Breathability to allow airflow and prevent moisture buildup inside

Durable outer shell Slip Resistance Fabric Shoulder Pad
Ultra Fine Polyester Nanofiber
Breathable cushion material
Technoforce® steel is a woven fabric from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers, which possess the highest level of strength and modulus among organic fibers, when comparing the same weight, it is approximately 8 times stronger than piano wire. The high friction properties that characterize Nanofront® generate outstanding gripping force. And surprisingly, the frictional resistance increases when it gets wet from sweat or rain. Vertical Nonwoven fabric, enhanced with high-performance fiber Elasty®, features vertically aligned fibers, resulting in excellent bounce, loftiness, lightweights, and high breathability. With its moldability, it is the perfect alternative to polyurethane form for shoulder strap pad.

Camping Materials

Teijin Frontier’s functional materials offer high performance, lightweight and compact designs, and innovative technologies that make them well-suited for camping products.

For Tent/Tarp For Super Light-weight Chair Fire resistant Blanket
High Tenacity Ripstop Fabric
Tetra axial fabric
Recycled Frame Resistant Fabric
Technoforce® is a high-density polyester fabric with a rip-stop construction that uses fine, high-tenacity PASMO® yarn. Technoforce® is proven as the best canopy material of main wing canopy for kite-boarding due to excellent tear strength, light-weight and UV resistance. New leading technology of tetra axis construction improves the tear strength and dimensional stability of fabric in all directions. Tear resistance of Tetras® is over twice as strong as bi-axial woven fabric. Teijin’s meta-aramid fiber Teijinconex® has both flame-retardancy and comfort. With a heat-resistance of over 400℃, Teijinconex®’s outstanding flame-proof properties prevent the fabric from melting, holing and sticking to the skin.