Innovative Materials for All Athletes’ Excellence

Teijin Frontier’s functional materials are widely used in the sports industry. Our ultrafine fiber, NANOFRONT® is utilized in golf gloves and sports socks, providing a comfortable fit while enhancing grip during sweating. Our synthetic leather CORDLEY® is employed in sports shoes, balls, and accessories, offering excellent durability and functionality.

Our materials boast exceptional performance and innovative material technology, supporting sports enthusiasts and athletes in achieving their optimal performance levels.


Our footwear materials excel in the ever-changing and harsh environment of competitive sports, boasting proven durability, abrasion resistance, and exceptional comfort. We have confidence in our ability to meet design requirements while maintaining high-performance standards.

Shoe Upper Shoe Race and Insole Rubber Sole
Sustainable Synthetic Leather
Super grippy fiber
for Rubber Reinforcement
Ideal for lightweight and flexible walking shoes and running shoes, maximizing comfort. With surface treatments that mimic leather, it can also be used as a premium alternative to natural leather, providing a luxurious feel. The finest-quality recycled Polyester ECOPET® is utilized as the base material for CORDLEY®. It is a Vegan Leather that achieves a harmonious balance between performance and sustainability. Nanofront is a material proud of its high frictional properties. When used in shoelaces, it offers excellent grip, keeping the laces securely tied and preventing them from coming untied during physical activities. Nanofront fibers are extremely fine and soft, creating a smooth and comfortable surface. In insoles, Nanofront helps to reduce friction and irritation, providing a pleasant sensation and reducing the risk of blisters or discomfort. The ultra-fine polyester staple fiber(700 nm and 400 nm diameter) provides a high aspect ratio and excellent dispersibility within rubber compounds. This results in effective improvements in the mechanical properties of the rubber, particularly the elastic modulus. It enhances the rigidity and strength of the rubber outsoles, increasing their overall performance.


Performance requirements for artificial leather ball materials include:

  1. 1.Durability: High resistance to frequent use and impact.
  2. 2.Grip: Adequate surface friction for a secure grip.
  3. 3.Resilience: Proper bounce and rebound upon impact.
  4. 4.Distance and control: Predictable distance and trajectory with good control.
  5. 5.Water and weather resistance: Ability to withstand water, moisture, and varying climate conditions.

Basketball Volley Bal American Football
Microfiber synthetic leather
Microfiber synthetic leather
Microfiber synthetic leather
Our artificial leather material offers excellent moisture management, keeping the basketball dry and enhancing grip, while its high durability ensures long-lasting performance, making it an ideal choice for basketball enthusiasts seeking optimal performance and reliability on the court. CORDLEY®, as an artificial leather material for volleyball, effectively demonstrates the desired performance attributes, including sufficient elasticity. It provides the necessary responsiveness and liveliness for the ball, enabling powerful spikes, precise sets, and accurate passes. CORDLEY® exhibits exceptional grip properties, crucial for American football. The material’s surface texture and composition provide an optimal balance between tackiness and friction. This allows players to maintain a secure grip on the football, even in challenging weather conditions or during intense gameplay.


Teijin Frontier’s functional materials are highly appreciated in sports accessories like socks, gloves, and balls for the following reasons:

  • Superior moisture management
  • Enhanced breathability
  • Exceptional durability
  • Improved grip and comfort

Golf/Bicycle Glove Sports Socks Headwear
Super grippy
Frictional resistance
Heat reflection
The surface area of NANOFRONT® is 10 times greater than that of conventional textiles. The high friction properties that characterize NANOFRONT® generate outstanding gripping force. And surprisingly, the frictional resistance increases when it gets wet from sweat or rain. NANOFRONT®’s fine fibers enable enhanced skin-to-sole contact, resulting in exceptional grip performance. Additionally, the small gaps between the fibers promote high moisture diffusion, reducing sweat-related slipperiness and enhancing breathability. Moreover, the ultrafine fibers offer softness and excellent elasticity, allowing the fabric to conform to the shape and movement of the foot, providing a barefoot-like sensation. NANOFRONT® fabric is characterized by its fine and high-density structure, which allows it to reflect near-infrared radiation more effectively than conventional fabrics. As a result, the fabrics have a high capability to suppress temperature rise within hats, making them highly suitable for headwear in challenging environmental conditions.