Marshmallow Touch Lounge Wear – The New Athleisure Essential using DELTAPEAK

Marshmallow Touch Lounge Wear

We’re all looking for that perfect piece of activewear which combines exceptional performance at the gym with casual comfort in daily life, and the Marshmallow Touch Lounge Wear set delivers on all fronts.

Made from durable, high-performance DELTAPEAK fabric in a comfortable and elegant design, it’s the perfect ensemble to take you from the yoga studio to coffee with a friend and throughout the day.

In fact, these cross-functional casual essentials are the perfect athleisure wear for just about any occasion, whether it’s jogging, travel, remote working, or simply relaxing at home.

Lounge Wear Set

The Marshmallow Touch lounge wear set consists of a pair of comfortable joggers and an elegantly tailored hoodie.

The joggers have a wide cuff and fasten with a simple and practical drawstring at the waist. The two pockets are deep enough to hold your keys or other small items and are lined with mesh for a streamlined and flattering silhouette. While the fabric is exceptionally lightweight and breathable, it’s also smooth and dense, giving these pants a solid, soft, and cushy feel.

The hooded sweatshirt falls at around mid-hip and is finished with a wide cuff and hem. The diagonal seams of the shoulder and long sleeves help the hoodie move with you effortlessly, making it comfortable not only for lounging, but also for sports like tennis which require good arm movement and exercises like yoga and pilates.

The hoodie’s generously sized pockets close with invisible zippers for a slimming appearance and ensure you don’t lose any valuables during your workout.

The set comes with a lightweight drawstring bag for easy packing.

Lounge Wear Set

DELTAPEAK High Performance Fabric

The comfort and versatility of the lounge wear set is due in large part to its high-performance DELTAPEAK fabric. Made in Japan with innovative technology and great attention to detail and quality, DELTAPEAK has exceptional performance benefits.

One of the notable aspects of this fabric is its dense knit, which gives it a smooth, substantial feel and leads to knitwear which is highly durable, crease-resistant, and soft to the touch. The loungewear set is made from DELTAPEAK’s mid-weight knit, which is completely opaque and gives both the pants and sweatshirt a flattering drape and warmth.

While these benefits are great for leisure wear, DELTAPEAK is all about performance, and the fabric also delivers on the kind of technical specifications which serious athletes look for in sportswear. One of these is unhindered mobility, which is aided by the fabric’s powerful multi-way stretch.

Another must-have feature is moisture control. DELTAPEAK’s exclusive yarn technology is used to craft fabric with a porous middle layer and larger surface area, giving it excellent wicking properties so that you stay comfortable all day.

It is also durable, noise-less, and crease-resistant for confident performance in both sports and daily life.

DELTAPEAK High Performance Fabric

The fabric “T4DE62” used for Marshmallow Touch Lounge Wear has a dense and flat surface with high bulkiness.


  • High durability

    High durability

  • Anti - UV

    Anti – UV

  • Anti-transparent


  • Clearness print

    Clearness print

  • Power stretch

    Power stretch

  • Light Weight and Bulkiness

    Light Weight and Bulkiness

  • Soft hand feeling

    Soft hand feeling

The Marshmallow Touch lounge wear is great for relaxing around the house. The high-performance stretch, breathability, and thermal properties of DELTAPEAK makes it a wonderful loungewear staple. The high-quality fabric also lends the set a polished look, making it a stylish and put-together ensemble for doing errands, taking a walk around town, or meeting up with friends.

The buttery, high-density knit is flattering and has a nice sheen, and the medium weight has good insulative properties that add warmth on cool days. However, it is also suitable for warmer weather and high intensity sports thanks to its breathability and moisture management. This is an ensemble you can wear to the gym or the yoga studio and do your shopping afterwards without worrying about unsightly sweat stains.

It also has anti-transparent properties, so the joggers are fully opaque for peace of mind and maximum versatility. The thickness of the fabric gives the pants a more protective feel than you would get with thinner athletic wear, which combined with its excellent moisture control, make it a great choice for outdoor activities such as hiking and jogging.

The mid-weight, wrinkle-resistant fabric means that the loungewear set is also perfect for travel, allowing you to remain comfortable and put together throughout the day—even if you just stepped off a red eye flight.

Finally, the set is good for anyone looking to make eco-friendly clothing choices. All garments made from DELTAPEAK are long-wearing and versatile, and DELTAPEAK is continuing to increase the percentage of recycled materials in their fabrics as part of their commitment to sustainability.

Overall, the high-performance, innovative fabric and elegant design make the Marshmallow Lounge Wear Set an athleisure essential which everyone should have in their closet.