Material spotlight – Special cross section fiber Octa®-

TEIJIN FRONTIER Material spotlight
– Special cross section fiber, Octa® –

You will never know, until you are wrapped by OCTA® fabrics “WEIGHTLESS WARMTH MADE POSSIBLE”


OCTA® is an exceptionally unique polyester fiber with a distinctive, highly modified cross-section with eight projections aligned in a radial pattern around a hollow fiber.

The octopus-like appearance, OCTA® fiber is targeted to fall and winter middle layer, lining materials for outerwear in fashion and outdoor industries.
The spaces between the projections preserves body heat to give extra warmth. OCTA® unique fiber construction contributes to quick drying, airy texture as fabrics with 50% lighter weight than regular polyester material.

Octa® can also be used in combination with other fibers through false twisting, combined filament processing and two-strand yarn spinning.

OCTA® its unique construction makes the fabrics super light, highly breathable and extremely warm. The outer wear with OCTA® keep you cozy in the coldest conditions or even just at home.

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