World’s first ultra-fine polyester nanofiber.

NANOFRONT® is the world’s first ultra-fine polyester nanofiber. With a diameter of merely 700 nanometers, one fiber is 1/7500 of a human hair.
The surface density of fabric made with NANOFRONT® is about 10 times greater than other fabrics. And since the undulations are at nano-level, the fiber surface produces a large frictional force for strong gripping power. The perfect fit makes the fiber suitable for gloves, innerwear, supporters, etc.

Biomimetics technology

The surface structure of the NANOFRONT® mimics the structures of Japanese gecko and leaf beetle’s legs.
On the top of that, the frictional resistance increases when it gets wet from sweat or rain.

Japanese Gecko Foot


Use & Function

Shoe Lace

It’s really bothering to get shoelaces tied many times during work-out.
Here is your solution. NANOFRONT® slip-resistance shoelace prevents the shoelace from getting loose.


The structure of NANOFRONT® fabric is similar to the bottom of Gecko feet which have the amazing power to grab the objects.
NANOFRONT® fabrics which maintain constant grip are used in sports socks to maximize your performance

All Weather Glove

The surface area of NANOFRONT® is 10 times greater than that of conventional textiles the high friction propetties that characterize NANOFRONT® generate outstanding gripping force.
And surprisingly, the frictional resistance increases when it gets wet from sweat or rain.

Lingerie / Sports Inner

The undulations on the fabric surface are at the NANO-level, the fabric produces a large frictional force for super slip-resistance.
Gentle touch and outstanding fit on the skin that doesn’t restrict active motion

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