SOLOTEX® is a material that provides a soft, stretchy texture with gentle cushioning and offers vivid colors-advantages that could never be achieved with polyester, polyurethane or nylon alone. The material is also easy to combine with other fibers, bringing out the characteristics of the other fiber while adding a new texture and new functionality. SOLOTEX® is a fiber with unlimited potential to make textile products more comfortable to wear.


SOLOTEX® is made from polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT), a type of polyester fiber.



Stretchiness that feels great, with no stress..

SOLOTEX® is surprisingly free of any feeling of pressure, even following the lines of the body. It expands and contracts in any direction with the body’s movement, feeling truly comfortable and allowing for free movement. SOLOTEX® is ideal for tight-fitting bottom wear and active clothing.


Super soft feel and smoothness for comfort.

The moment you touch it, you understand the softness of SOLOTEX®. It feels even softer than luxury cashmere wool. Smooth against the skin, it is more comfortable to wear than any fiber that has come before. Blending with other fibers does not affect its superb softness, while maintaining the beneficial qualities of the blended fibers.


Keeps its shape to look great.

A spring-like, helical molecular structure provides form stability to “spring” back into shape even with movement. The fiber resists wrinkles and does not easily get stretched out from repeated bending at the knee or elbow, maintaining a beautiful shape at all times. There is also little shrinkage or stretch even after repeated machine washings and tumble drying, demonstrating superb dimensional stability.

Dynamic bagging test

SOLOTEX® resists wrinkles and deformation, and displays excellent shape recovery (jersey material comparison)

10,000 bend cycles to simulate knee/elbow bending
Distortion: 0.8%
Wrinkling: Negligible

Distortion: 2%
Wrinkling: Noticeable

Resists wrinkles and does not become stretched out at the knees or elbows. Excellent form setting, with stability to resist deformation when washed.

Post-washing dimensional stability

(10 machine wash cycles)

Post-tumble-dry dimensional stability

(5 tumble drying cycles)

SOLOTEX® is a stretchy material, yet resists deformation due to machine washing or tumble drying.
Always feels great to wear.



Harmonizes well with other fibers for even greater potential.

SOLOTEX® is easy to combine with other fibers. It is highly compatible with both synthetic and natural fibers, for blending as desired. The fiber will add a soft texture to improve the feel against the skin, and it provides superb stretch and recovery from elongation. It is possible to add new texture and new functionality while bringing out the characteristics of the blended fiber.


Deep, vivid colors that last.

Outstanding color development is a key element for fashion applications. SOLOTEX® is very easy to dye, producing deep, vivid colors with a high-grade feel even when processing at lower temperatures than conventional methods. Extremely colorfast for long-lasting dyed color that won’t fade. For creating striking textiles exactly as envisioned.

Dyeing temperature and dye exhaustion

Dark-color dyeing at 98℃

Samples: SOLOTEX® and polyester: 84 dtex/36 filament yarn; 1 H processed yarn. Disperse dyes for each color: photos taken after dyeing at 98℃ and finishing.


The ideal cushioning with fluffy rebound.

Soft and cushion-like, akin to a marshmallow. Maintains bounce even after repeated compressions and quickly recovers its fluffy volume. Because of its high durability, SOLOTEX® retains its unique texture for a long time. These characteristics are best utilized in insulated coats, pillows, futons, and other items with filling.

Soft cushioning

Volume recovery


Plant-based eco-friendly ingredients.

Plant-derived ingredients are used for 37% of the polymers that make up SOLOTEX®. The fabric thus reduces consumption of fossil fuels, and helps cut down on greenhouse gases. SOLOTEX® is an eco-friendly fiber that is kind to people and on the environment.

Structural Diagram of SOLOTEX®

37% plant-derived. *Testing performed using radiocarbon (carbon-14) dating.

Use & Function

“Never choose the moment, SOLOTEX is with you whether on or off”


A new kind of polyester fiber that matches other natural fibers in softness and stretch, adds a distinctively gentle yet sure elasticity, SOLOTEX®
SOLOTEX® is used in a variety of areas ranging from outerwear, pants, knitted garments and suits, and new products are created each and everyday.

Athletic Wear

Sure stretch and good retention are essential for athletic category.
SOLOTEX® creates nice sportswear that gently fits the motion of the body with gentle sure stretch.

Performance Pants

Solotex® maintains a beautiful silhouette while providing stretch in any active scene. the 4-way stretch fabric is comfortable and easy to move around, while also being lightweight. Outstanding elasticity ensures a non-stress fit even in a skinny fit.

Formal Classic Outer Wear

Excellent setting performance and a stable shape are required for traditional coats.
With SOLOTEX®, it is possible to meet various requirements without losing original texture.

Product Lineups

“Not Nylon, Not Cotton, We are SOLOTEX”

SOLOTEX® is a special material that combines the advantages of polyester and nylon. Besides, SOLOTEX® Spun woven fabric Typewriter SLS4086-S offers an authentic cotton-like texture with a lot of functions. Light and crisp plain weave fabric, and dense construction make the texture look sharp. Wrinkle-free, because of stability to “spring” back into shape even with movement, which is a great benefit for packable coats or traveler’s wear.

  • Art : SLS4086-S
  • Width : 52″/53″
  • Weight : 154gsm
  • Composition: Polyester100%(SOLOTEX®100%) 
  • Feature : cotton-like / shape-retention / water repellent / bio-derived(SOLOTEX®)  Water repellent finish, Machine washable and tumble dry available
  • Proud of Made in Japan quality