Teijin Frontier exhibit at ITEC Tire Manufacturing Show 2022

Akron, Ohio – Teijin Frontier will participate at ITEC Tire Manufacturing Show 2022 (John S, Knight Center, Akron Ohio) from September 13 to 15th. We will introduce our environmentally friendly adhesive technologies and materials to enhance the mechanical performance of tire products as well as to reduce the negative impact on our natural resources.

ITEC Tire Manufacturing Show covers the latest groundbreaking trends and innovations across materials, operations, processes, and applications in Tire industry.


Below are a few of the spectacular technologies we will be showcasing for tire reinforcement at our booth#504. The technologies are fully aligned with our environmental strategy, THINK ECO®


1, Chemical Recycled Polyester “ECOPET”

Tire cords require strength, elasticity, adhesion to rubber, fatigue resistance, dimensional stability and heat resistance at a high level of standard. The conventional recycled materials were unable to meet the strict requirements for tire reinforcement due to lower mechanical properties. Teijin Frontier has established advanced recycling technologies that chemically decompose polyester for conversion into raw material. The recycled material offers the equivalent purity of products derived from petroleum and therefore can achieve the performance levels required for tire cords.


2, Resorcinol-formaldehyde (RF) free adhesive technology
We have developed a new environmentally friendly adhesive for rubber reinforcing fiber that does not use resorcinol-formaldehyde (RF) but still achieves the same level of performance as conventional methods. Resorcinol-formaldehyde latex (RFL) adhesives have long been used to reinforce rubber products, such as tires, hoses and belts, with fiber to maintain strength and morphological stability. In recent years, however, demands have been growing for solutions that do not use RF, which has been shown to have harmful effects on the human body. The new adhesive consists of the polymer which is effective for the adhesion, as the alternative to RF. The polymer, which is reticulated by intermolecular interaction, achieves a high level of adhesiveness, equivalent to that of an RFL adhesive thanks to its high affinity for both fiber and rubber.


3, Ultra fine polyester chopped fiber “Nanofront™”
We have developed ultra fine polyester chopped fiber “Nanofront™” of Island & Sea type for rubber mixing by our spinning technology. It realizes a good dispersion in rubber matrix by only heat mixing, and brings both high modulus and durability by small amount applied to reinforce rubber products, such as tires, hoses and belts. Nanofront™ reinforcing fiber can be made in low Carbon Foot Print (CFP) process and without adhesive treatment. We would like to propose our excellent solution for environmental oriented manufacturing process.




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