Teijin Frontier to Exhibit at Techtextile North America 2022

Atlanta, Georgia – Teijin Frontier will participate at Techtextile North America (Georgia World Congress Center) from May 17th to 19th. We will showcase the high-performance fibers, fabrics as well as converted products.
Techtextil North America is the premier event for the ever-growing technical textiles and nonwovens industry. The show provides an optimal platform to explore the various uses of modern textile technologies. Experts come together from all over the globe to share and expand knowledge; showcase innovations and technologies; and inspire new business and contacts.

Our high-performance fibers and fabrics are developed to offer excellent physical properties while maintaining a high level of durability. As a leading global supplier of functional fabrics, we are strongly committed to moving toward sustainability in our material usage and manufacturing processes with no sacrifice in functional benefits.

Below are a few of the exceptional products we will be showcasing:



Artificial leather is manufactured by impregnating a non-woven fabric substrate and coating with a resin such as polyurethane. Combined with surface polyurethane processing technologies, they reproduce the touch, texture, and quality of natural leather to a high degree.


The world’s first ultra-fine polyester nanofiber. The surface area of Nanofront® is about 10 times greater than other fabrics. And since the undulations are at nano-level, the fiber surface produces a large frictional force for strong gripping power.


High-tenacity polyester yarn which has 1.5 times stronger than regular Polyester yarn. A lightweight and highly tear-resistant fabric with smooth flat surface is made possible with PASMO® yarn


Polyester fibers, textiles, garments, and converted goods are made from various sources of polyester waste by mechanical or chemical recycling process. It enables the effective use of limited natural resources.

Recycled CONEX®

Teijin Conex® is a meta-aramid fiber with a molecular structure that achieves inherently flame-resistant property through the use of high quality reclaimed fibers


Tetras axial woven construction improves the tear strength and dimensional stability of fabric in any directions. Tetras can be produced in combination with different types of high performance fibers


IZANASan advanced ‘Super Fiber’ technology produced by ‘Gel Spinning Technology method’. Its extremely high strength, high modulus and small diameter options offer infinite possibilities for various applications.


“Melset®” is a high performance fiber made with a high-viscosity polyester resin for its core and a low-melting point polyester resin for its sheath. Featuring both elasticity and hardness, it can be molded into various shapes.