The launch of new service “thinkecofabrics” to offer sustainable fabrics online

New York, NY – Teijin Frontier USA announces the launch of its new, easy to browse shopping website, Teijin Frontier USA is at the forefront of high performance, eco-friendly fabrics, stemming from a need to prove sustainability does not mean compromising the quality of materials.
think eco fabrics teijin frontier usa

The fashion industry is often touted as wasteful, non-reusable, and environmentally unfriendly. However, the fabrics being sold on are the exact opposite; the aim has always been to produce fabrics with less chemicals but also with the use of recycled materials, bio-derived stretchy raw material. Do not be fooled by the use of recycled materials; these fabrics provide durability, incredible color retention, is a versatile functionality.
Some brands sold on the website are:


SOLOTEX®: Plant-derived ingredients are used for 37% of the polymers in this soft, stretchy material.

ECOPET®: Polyester products (fibers, textiles, garments, and goods) made from recycled sources.

DELTAPEAK®: A balanced, ultra-high-functionality material which mainly serves a full range of sportswear due to its lightweight material and stretch.


The website is open to anyone interested in these materials, not just the professionals, minimum 1 yard. Teijin Frontier USA welcomes individual designers, creators of any industry, and anyone interested in being part of an eco-friendly community!