Spotlight -SOLOTEX TYPEWRITER- the best fabric for light-weight packable coats

Spring is just around the corner!
When you go out for getting fresh air or warm spring sunshine, you still might want to carry a light-weight packable jacket just in case.
We want you to take a moment to watch this short movie.



The coat which a man is wearing in the movie was launched in a Japanese crowdfunding in 2020. The coat was really well-received and the funding reached the goal. and the coats will be distributed to backers shortly.

In reality, this outer shell fabric “SOLOTEX TYPEWRITER” has been promoted overseas for years.
It’s suitable for raincoats because the fabric comes with water-repellent finish. The wrinkle-free and lightweight fabric makes it super easy to pack.
In addition, the fine and dense plain-woven polyester fabrics give you the fairly same texture as the cotton woven fabric has.


Art SLS4086-S
Width 52/53”
Weight 154g/m2

*the recommended fabrics for spring coats, raincoats and men’s shorts, etc

Comp 100%Polyester (SOLOTEX® Spun yarn 40s 100%)


If you want to know more about “SOLOTEX TYPEWRITER” or request samples, please make a contact with your local agent or contact us.