Teijin Frontier to Exhibit High-Performance Fabrics at Functional Fabric Fair 2022 Fall

Portland, Oregon – Teijin Frontier will participate at Functional Fabric Fair 2022 (Oregon Convention Center) from October 26 to 27th. We will showcase the best-performing fabrics for Fall and Winter seasons at stand #615.

The event is dedicated to outdoor and active apparel, in particular, the fall Portland edition will feature innovative textiles for the Fall/Winter 2024 season. Our high-performance fabrics are designed to enhance comfortability while maintaining a high level of functionality. As the leading global supplier of functional fabrics, we are strongly committed to moving toward sustainability in material usage and manufacturing process with no sacrifice of offering functional benefits. Below are a few of the spectacular products we will be showcasing:



DELTAPEAK® is our signature fabric that is well-balanced with three elements; physical property, functionality, and texture. It can achieve a dense and flat surface with a high bulkiness of knitting fabric. This material has the ability to remove the limitation of distortions and it can be used in many different ways.
DELTAPEAK® Freemo built for Fall and Winter seasons is a spongy stretch fabric with high bulkiness, which is constructed by unique four-dimensional structure to achieve a comfortable and less drape texture. The fabric technology was developed and inspired by the cardboard material to give extra insulation as well as reduce fiber fragments discharged into the water as an alternative to conventional fleece.


Octa® is an exceptionally unique fiber with a distinctive, highly modified cross-section with eight projections aligned in a radial pattern around a hollow fiber. Octa® is its unique construction makes the fabrics super light, highly breathable, and extremely warm. The outerwear with Octa® keeps you cozy in the coldest conditions or even just at home.