DELTAPEAK® is the high balanced material that achieves a high level with three elements.

The most ultimate knitting concept that combines physical properties, functionality, and texture at a high level.
A highly balanced material that can be used in all sports clothing.

DELTAPEAK® offers new possibilities and high quality in every product development.

Removing the limitaion of distortions, DELTAPEAK® can achieve a dense and flat surface with high bulkiness knitting fabric.
DELTAPEAK® gives possibility to develop well-balanced knitted fabric.

Characteristics of
knitting fabric

  • High durability

    High durability

  • Anti - UV

    Anti – UV

  • Anti-transparent


  • Clearness print

    Clearness print

Common characteristic

  • Power stretch

    Power stretch

  • Light Weight and Bulkiness

    Light Weight and Bulkiness

  • Soft hand feeling

    Soft hand feeling

Characteristics of
woven fabric

  • High water repellency

    High water repellency

  • High waterproof

    High waterproof

  • Crease resistance

    Crease resistance

  • Noise-ress


DELTAPEAK® performs perfectly at any aspects.
DELTAPEAK® is multi balanced fabric which has
Functionally, Durability and Handfeel in a high level.

Use & Function

Performance Tee

DELTAPEAK® high gauge knits give athletes a versatile package of physical properties, high performance and wear comfort.
DELTAPEAK® performance tee presents light weight, superb moisture management, good UV protection and comfortable stretch in a wide range of athletic scene.

Base Layer / Mid Layer

DELTAPEAK® midweight fabrics provide an essential thermal property, moisture management and soft comfort for base layer and mid layer for diverse activities and conditions.
More textured and engineered knit structures also create high profile fabrics with aesthetic beauty and function for town wear and weekend travels.

Pants / Shorts

DELTAPEAK® woven has a balanced 4-way mechanical stretch, with light weight, good recovery and easy care.
Greatly compatible with the additional performance finishes, DELTAPEAK® woven delivers a classic fit with sweat-wicking or water-repellent technologies.


Waterproof, windproof and breathable DELTAPEAK® 1000 & 2000 textiles offer high performance weather protection.
Highly densely woven fabric of micro-crimped DELTAPEAK® yarn brings technical outdoor functionality, comfort and durability in urban designs. 

Product Lineups



Moisture management fabric, Sweat never comes back to skin

Conventional Fabric

Reaching saturation, water comes back to skin and wet out


CARAT Technology = Water Repellent Polyester Creates dry space and keeps dry on the skin


You will no longer have a nasty experience with sticky shirts even when you get a lot of sweat.
DELTAPEAK® CR absorbs sweat from skin side and kick the moisture out to the other fabric side.
Skin side is always amazingly kept dry and give extra comfort

T5ED01 “Soft Compression”
Width 59″, Weight 133gsm

The greatest fabric for soft compression base layer in Autumn and Winter.

T5PP27 “Ventilation”
Width 64″, Weight 89gsm

The great combination of high vnetilation and quick-dry performance. The hybrid fabric performs the best for physical fitness like jogging



“Combination with stretchy fiber SOLOTEX® Comfort beyond the words,”

Perfect comfortable and Natural-like textured material DELTAPEAK® SLX which combine high balanced DELTAPEAK® and high stretchy & recovery Solotex® yarn.



Natural-like appearance and texture(hand feel/looks)
  • Random yarn construction makes natural-like texture
  • The luxury texture by softness and compact
Comfortable form-fitting(soft compression) Perfect comfortable by combining smooth stretch of DELTAPEAK® and recovery of SOLOTEX
High water absorbent and quick drying(wicking finish) Capillary effect due to difference of filament count between DELTAPEAK® yarn and SOLOTEX
High water repellency(water repellent finish) Supporting good water repellency by micro uneven surface
High function of DELTAPEAK®
  • High durability (anti-snagging)
  • Function (Stretch ability, UV protection, Anti-transparency)

T5GW21 “Waffle”

Width 47″, Weight 200gsm

FG2193-2-1 “Single Jersey”

Width 53″, Weight 159gsm

Excellent stretch and stretch recovery. Spun like surface achieved by 2 different yarns combination.
Natural look texture never choose the moment for daily use. Made to be worn everywhere



“High Loft Insulation, Go beyond Freece”

DELTAPEAK® TL functional fleece material which has high wicking property and soft hand feeling by towel-like pile yarn

It is possible to develop all-seasonal fabric base on textured pile yarn and constructions.

■ Wicking & Spreading

■ Thermal Resistance

Specially developed towel-like textured yarn creates soft, cozy and relaxing feeling.
Highly recommended for hoodie and jackets
No brushing surface helps less fiber falling-off and result in minimizing fiber fragments dischaged to water.



DELTAPEAK® ntr has a random &ampl micro crimp structure. We succeeded to achieve this brand-new structure by applying our special false-twisting process and unique yarn-mixing technology. Using recycled polyester. While DELTAPEAK® ntr has original great characteristics of DELTAPEAK®, we bring natural aesthetics & hand-feel, and deep dyeability into it.

  • Soft and Bulky Hand-feel
  • Spun-Like Natural Texture
  • Deep Dyeability by Random Micro Crimp

Yarn Structure Image


micro crimp


New random micro crimp

Surface micrograph




Width 67″, Weight 98gsm


Width 67″, Weight 78gsm

Luxurious fabrics. DELTAPEAK® NTR is incredibly soft and slightly toal with elegant look, while it maintains DELTAPEAK mechanical property. NTR Technology is not only the best for T-shirts, also great option for middle layer with its heavier construction.



DELTAPEAK® freemo has much bulkiness and spongy stretch fabric. Which has unique four dimensional construction to achieve comfortable and less drape fabric

DELTAPEAK® freemo has perfect smooth and flat surface. Absolute special hard-feeling and quality can be made

DELTAPEAK® freemo PRO has water repellency yarn on the face based on bulky DELTAPEAK® freemo construction


Width 49″, Weight 280gsm


Width 58″, Weight 300gsm

Bulky composite offers a lightweight but high level of insulation performance.
Not too drapey texture retains beautiful silhouette in garment. Quick dry with extra warmth is best for middler and hoodie. Developed for reduced fiber fragment as an alternative to conventional fleece.



  • stretch

    Power stretch

  • soft

    Light Weight and Bulkiness

  • wrinkle prevention

    Power stretch

  • noiseless

    Light Weight and Bulkiness

DELTAPEAK® WV is new feel polyester woven which enhances wearing confort.

This is high-functional woven created by the fusion of woven technology and knit technology

Width 55″, Weight 112gsm

Less noisy, water proof, breathable but slightly stretchy.
Ideal fabric for golf wear. Since It’s not too much tailored to outdoor, it fits in lifestyle for everyday use.

Width 58″, Weight 79gsm

Vintage look added by permanent natural wrinkle fits in daily use. Moisture wicking keeps you skin dry. UPF50+

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