TEIJIN FRONTIER USA to showcase new fabrics and products collections for 2021AW via Virtual exhibition

New York, USA, February 17, 2021.  TEIJIN FRONTIER(U.S.A.), INC. announced that the virtual exhibition which will be held until March 5, 2021 showcases eco-friendly fabrics, highly functional textiles, materials for use in open-air-spaces in response to new normal life.

The exhibition presents the following materials and related products.


Show opening: until March 5, 2021

Venue: https://tfr-virtual-exhibition.com/


Teijin Frontier Virtual exhibition3



One of the key goals of THINK ECO® is “Committing to the use of environment-friendly materials.” We are pleased to present our lineup of ECOPET® recycled polyester.


 – Textiles & Clothing

Introducing a rich lineup of materials and products that use SOLOTEX®​, an eco-friendly and partially plant-based material, as well as related digital content.


Enjoy your life

These materials for use in open-air spaces.
Introducing outdoor materials and products that are made with highly functional ultra-fine polyester and flame-resistant materials.



Bringing safety and comfort to daily life.
Teijin Frontier has been developing a wide range of antimicrobial and antiviral materials for many years and has a proven track record in many markets.