The pioneer of recycling polyester

ECOPET® is polyester products (fibers, textiles, garments, and goods) made from recycled sources: various types of polyester waste, through the mechanical or chemical recycle process. It enables the effective use of the limited natural resources.

25,000,000,000 plastic bottles

Over the last 20 years, we’ve recycled over 500,000 tons. That’s 25,000,000,000 plastic bottles or 2,000,000,000 T-shirts saved from the landfill.

Use & Function

Different Cross-Section with ECOPET®

The polyester fibers feature a highly-deformed cross-section with a variety of characteristics that include excellent perspiration absorption and quick-drying properties, light weight, heat insulation, and bulkiness.

“Octa” has a unique cross section comprising eight projections, or fins, aligned in a radial pattern around a tube-like fiber.

Eco-Hybrid achieves Eco-Friendly and Excellent Functionality

SOLOTEX® ECO-Hybrid is not only eco-friendly, also provides comfortable stretch and excellent shape retention.
SOLOTEX® ECO-Hybrid is composed of 2 different polymers, PTT and PET.
The PTT polymer is partly made with plant-derived raw materials and PET polymer is made with chemical recycled raw materials.
No compromise in sustainability and functionality

Water Proof Eco-Membrane

Waterproof/breathable material made from recycled fibers. While using recycled fibers, the material meets a high standard of waterproofing and breathability.
ECO STORM® represents an uncompromising combination of comfort and environmental performance.

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